Phubbing: What Your Smartphone Is Doing To Your Relationships

“Phubbing” is a word derived from “phone-snubbing.” It refers to when one partner gets distracted by their phone, and the other partner feels shut out or ignored.

Phubbing What Your Smartphone Is Doing To Your Relationships

Asides arguments about money, kids, and sex, phubbing is one of the most significant sources of conflicts in romantic relationships.

Smartphone dependency is on the rise, and you would agree with me by observing how frequently you check your phone every 30 minutes.

These frequent phone checks can interrupt quality time with a romantic partner and have undesirable consequences on the relationship.

Have you ever been with your partner and wished they would look up and engage in a conversation rather than typing to whatever notification just took their attention? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

Phubbing What Your Smartphone Is Doing To Your Relationships

In a real sense, smartphone use is not harmful. It is the unhealthy need to continually be connected with one’s smartphone that potentially affects relationships.

When it becomes so addictive, it impacts interactions, causes relationship strains, and can even result in depressive symptoms.

Besides, allowing technology to interrupt the time spent with our romantic partners could be indirectly sending a message about what we value the most.

The bottom line is: Nobody likes to be phubbed.

Phubbing What Your Smartphone Is Doing To Your Relationships

It makes us feel like our partners don’t take us seriously or don’t find us attractive. It leads to insecurity and uncertainty about our relationships.

So, if your goal is to have a happy, healthy relationship, it’s best to prioritize your partner over your smartphone consistently.

The more distance between you and your phone, the more closeness you can achieve in your relationship.




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