Night Photography: 6 Tips for Shooting Great Photos at Night with Your Phone

Low light, extreme contrast, camera noise… Name it. What else makes photography a challenging task after the sun has set?

Yet, you can go beyond these limitations and still capture surreal photos. Here are a few tips for perfecting night photography with your smartphone.

1. Long Exposures

Long Exposures night photography

In photography, exposure is the amount of light that enters your camera. It determines how bright or dark your photos will turn out. When shooting in low light on your smartphone, you can use apps like Manual Camera to take long exposure shots.

2. Focus on the object of interest

abstract photography

Darkness can serve as a great background and make your photos turn out surreal. Zero in on the object with the night as your background and watch yourself create magic.

3. Capture MotionCapture Motion night photography

One thing you will most likely see at night are car lights, motorcycles, or planes flying overhead. Set your phone to a long exposure and capture the moment.

4. Keep the Camera Stable

mobile tripod

Here, you want to have a mobile tripod with you or try to keep your camera stable as much as you can. This way, you avoid motion blur on your photos.

5. Backlighting

Backlighting silhouette

Silhouettes always give a creative visual effect. Capture silhouettes in front of street lights, storefronts, or wherever lights shine freely behind your subject.

6. Maximize Your Phone’s Flash

Phone Flash night photography

You can always use extra light. If the flash is harsh, try placing paper over it to soften the light or use it to lighten up an object close to you – this can give a stand-out effect on your photo.





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