New Year, New Me? 5 Truly Life-changing Things You Should Do First

It’s only a few days until we say Happy New Year. Are you taking stock of months past while planning out a fresh start? 

2021 is upon us and New year resolutions are in trend. Year after year, this idea makes a huge appearance on the human radar and is embraced with a conviction. Year after year, this conviction fizzles out in a few months, or even days, depending on the human in question. More than anything, we can all agree that we want to accomplish our individual goals and live our best lives. To achieve this, a little more practicality and a little less wishing will go a long way.

So, what life-changing resolutions should you be making as you count down to a new year? Here are five things that can you can do right before 2020 is over, to help you get better at making do on your promise of “New year, New me.”

1. Review and analyze your 2020 goals 

Start with the obvious; a stroll down memory lane and the vision board you created at the start of 2020. If you are the type to write lists,  on your device or sticky notes, this should be easy to find. Have a sweeping overview of your analysis and be as honest as possible. Did you set unrealistic timelines? Were the goals themselves logically impossible to achieve given your current situation?

2. List out your achievements versus your yet-to-dos

This is a self-evaluation session where you look critically inside yourself. Think hard about all the positive steps you made in 2020, and do not limit these to your goals. It has been a tough year for most, but this step is important for acknowledging every win, no matter how little. It might be easier if you do this review month by month. Put down every achievement you made and on another list, the ones you are yet to do.

3. Get rid of the things you don’t enjoy 

Now is the time to be upfront with yourself about the things that have no place in your life anymore. Start by looking at the yet-to-do list you have created. That skill you have been struggling to master, does it really align with the life you want for yourself? That relationship that you’ve been fighting so hard to maintain, do you really need it? Mentally eliminate every aspect of your life that neither helps you nor gives you satisfaction. Don’t assume that you can cut everything loose right in time for the new year. Start with the easiest item on your list, and work your way to the top of that heap.

4. Clean out your workstation

Digital devices are the biggest culprits for hoarding clutter. If you are serious about starting the new year on solid feet, you need to clear out your workstation, be it smartphones,  laptops, and/or your office desk. Asides the files you don’t need and emails you would never read, there are contacts and apps you know have no business on your devices. Performing this important act of workstation declutter is a huge middle finger to procrastination. Go on, you can do it.

5. Do one thing that you are afraid of 

You have at least fifteen days left to do that one thing you have been dreading for so long.  Learn a skill? Apply for a job? Sign up with the gym? Reconcile with an old friend? Oh, what about that person you’ve been wanting to ask out since forever?

A Buddha quote comes to mind: Sometimes, the thing you are most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free. 

How about one final middle finger to procrastination and self-sabotage in 2020? That’s right!


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