Mental Health: How To Keep On Keeping On

Hey. How are you?

If you stay on the internet long enough, chances of break down are imminent, especially if you are prone. In the past weeks, the African community has experienced a lot of tragedy that can mess up your mental health. Have you felt fear, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks? Like you just want to give it all up?

Here are some guidelines that can help you to keep on keeping on.

Log off

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Social media is an addictive world and tragedy is a potent drug. You may find yourself torn between missing out on the latest happenings and protecting your mental health. Make the choice for your wellbeing, and take some time off to breathe. You can start by deleting your social media apps and staying off the news. Is there a book you’ve been wanting to pick up? or that old-time classic film you love? Now is the time to indulge.

P.S: You may have a job that does not allow you the luxury of logging off socials completely. If you can’t get leave approval, try to keep your online activity strictly for work purposes. Working remotely? stick to the medium of communication employed by your company.

Whatever it is, is valid

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It’s okay to feel emotions in every range possible, from outrage to sadness. You are not crazy for getting drawn into the triggering events broadcasted so often on social media. Embrace your humanness and know that every feeling is valid. Allow yourself scream, cry, vent, or simply be. Don’t let anybody tell you differently.

Do something

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What is that hobby you love so much? That thing that brings you so much joy when you do it? Distract yourself. Remember: Just like the food you eat, your mind needs fuel to stay sane. Engaging in activities that interest you can do a lot for your mental health in these times.

Do nothing

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Yes, it is okay to do nothing too. Don’t feel guilty about staying silent on social issues if your mental health can’t take the strain. It is also okay to disengage from conversations with other people if you feel like. You can’t pour from an empty cup, remember?

Speak to a professional

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Truth is, you may never be fully ready for counselling. So, recognize when you need to get help from a professional and don’t stall about it. Spend some time researching on a good therapist, weigh your options, and go all in.

Panic attacks?

Panic attack
Credit: @nimisire, Twitter

Anxiety can trigger tons of panic attacks which take a toll on your mental health. If you are easily triggered, it would be advisable to always have someone around that you can trust to help you get through it. Should you ever speak to a professional, have them prescribe medications that can relieve you. In the meantime, commit the tips above to memory and see how it helps get your mind back to where it needs to be.

I really hope that this article helps you keep your head up and your will on. Always remember that you have the option of reaching out to a friend, family, and/or loved one. Take care of yourself. 



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