Supermalt, Official Sponsor At BIDHAAR’s Press Night

Supermalt offers a unique selection of non-alcoholic malt drinks popular across Africa, the Caribbean, and the UK. Let’s meet the official malt drinks sponsor at BIDHAAR Press Night!

In the brand’s famous words, ‘Choose a bottle to find out more!’

Supermalt has been around for a pretty long time, since the ’70s. It is a brand of the culture, forged in Afro-Caribbean history, fortified with vitamins.

A brand known and loved by the Black community, Supermalt continues to evolve beyond its heritage. It is the number-one non-alcoholic malt beer in the UK that contains B-vitamins to support a healthy lifestyle.

super malt
 It’s official! Supermalt is coming to the party!

We’re so excited to announce to you that Supermalt will be sponsoring BIDHAAR Press Night. How better to celebrate a night of Black Excellence than with a brand inspired by our culture?

Also, word on the street is this drink never misses an Afrourban party. Expect to have fun bingeing on good old malt beer yet keeping it nutritious!

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