Issa Vibe, Official Sponsor At BIDHAAR’s Press Night

Exactly two days to BIDHAAR Press Night and the mood all around is a vibeeeeeeeeeee! Let’s introduce you to our first sponsor who knows exactly what this word means, and says it with FOOD.

Credit: @issavibefood

Situated right in Peckham, London, where all vibes come alive, Issa Vibe is a bar and restaurant space famous for its delicious chicken wings, ribs and prawns. However, if you’re not a meat lover, their menu makes sure you’re not left out of the vibe party with vegan options!

Asides their excellent catering, Issa Vibe also offers a wide range of drink options including strong cocktails and mocktails.

Issa Vibe is one of our sponsors at BIDHAAR Press Night!

We are thrilled to be partnering with this brand on the biggest night of the year for a lot of reasons. Top of which is that they will be bringing the Afro-Caribbean vibes to an Afrourban party!

Expect premium Caribbean-inspired food, the best of cocktails, and pure vibes.


Issa Vibe Food is also available to order on Uber Eats!


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