Let’s Talk About The Bisi Akins Look For BIDHAAR Press Night

Bisi Akins not only hosted the show, she stole it with her ultra-stylish look for BIDHAAR Press Night. See for yourself.


Looking straight out of a fashion runway, Bisi Akins gave us a look that spelt, ‘Queen!’ and we won’t be forgetting it in a long time.

I mean, it’s not like we were not expecting it. When we announced her as our host for BIDHAAR Press Night, we had an idea. The former beauty queen, T.V Personality, and Host would be bringing her energy and million-dollar smile to our press night!

Then, enter Rene Harrison: Stylist extraordinaire and expert on all the ways that a slay can be achieved.

Rene Harrison pulled together this statement blazer dress from House of RG and a subtle face beat by Anisha Williams. Paired with strappy heels, gloves, pearls on her ears, and those dope glasses, Bisi Akins came with the 90’s!


We also have to give it to Bisi Akins and her natural flair to dazzle. You should have seen her strutting from one end of the room to the other. A powerhouse leading the party in a look fit for a Queen!

More pictures:

Bisi Akins - 7Bisi Akins - 6

Bisi Akins -3

Catch up on more details from BIDHAAR Press Night here.



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