Is Your Social Life Making You Broke?

Hanging out is fun. Having friends and going to events makes these outings even more fun. But, what effect does an active social life have on your bank account?

 As adults, we have tons of social obligations to fulfil, but we also have bills to pay. We often forget to be prudent with spending and end up broke when we need money for other essential things.

It can be hard making the right decision; however, it is always better to save money properly. Here are some tips for you if you find yourself spending more than you need to because of your social life.

is your social life making you broke

Be honest

It’s a bad habit to always opt for temporary pleasures when responsibilities are staring at you. Be open with your friends. Let them know that you can’t spend as much money all the time. Real friends will understand when you step back.

Check your friends

What type of friends do you surround yourself with? Our friends mostly show the kind of person we are. Are your friends the kind that often spends money recklessly? Are they the kind to push for a hangout even when the funds are not readily available? They may not be the best influence.



Write down all of your bills and prioritize in order of importance. This will let you know what to save and what you will have left to spend. Then, make up your mind not to deter from your budget. No matter how much fun something seems, do not spend more than your budget.

Find cost-effective ways to have fun

Several social activities do not cost a thing or are relatively cheap. Not all fun is expensive. You can go on a nature walk or go swimming. Also, do not pressure yourself into spending money every time just because you have a lot of it.

at-home spa

Stay Home

If you need any other reason to stay at home, remember that there is a pandemic outside. Relax and binge-watch your favourite Netflix shows on a weekend. Or, you can get creative and set up a home spa. You can find more ideas here.

In all, it is okay to go out with your friends and have fun, just make sure you aren’t spending money that you cannot afford.

So, which of these would help you the most to maintain your budget and still have a social life?

We love to hear from you!




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