I Accidentally Became A Meme: Roll Safe

Do you remember this guy from that iconic #ThinkAboutIt meme that was all over our timeline?
roll-safe-kayode-ewumi-I Accidentally Became A Meme
Roll Safe.

Yea, you remember right? In case you don’t know, his name is Kayode Ewumi aka R.S. (Roll Safe, or Reece Simpson). He is a British filmmaker, actor, and a first-class graduate of Drama, Coventry University.

Most recognize him as the ever-iconic hand-tapping-head meme. Roll Safe, or Reece Simpson, is a character created by Ewumi and he serves as the protagonist in #HoodDocumentary.


#HoodDocumentary is a parody of urban-culture documentaries. A mockumentary that tells stories around urban youths. It originated on Vine and further gained popularity on YouTube. The BBC later commissioned six episodes of it.

This particular image comes one minute and 33 seconds into a version of #HoodDocumentary that Ewumi made for the BBC in June 2016. From there, Roll Safe became a meme icon appearing on every social media almost every day.


In January 2017, R.S. exploded on Twitter as an avatar of logical-fallacies-cum-lifehacks. The pic was adopted as a reaction image by a lot of Twitter accounts and social media users.

The meme typically portrays someone discovering a genius way for you to avoid your problems which came out really funny. Check out some posts below.


It is really interesting to see the internet having a kind of accord around a single meme. One that translated so well, and so quickly, from one context to another!

Watch this video on how Kayode accidentally became a meme:

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