Here’s Your Alté Music Playlist For The Weekend

Alté music is a burst of feel-good tunes and cool vibes. Here is my special playlist to get you started on TGIF. Have a listen.

1. Rapid Fire by Santi ft. Shane Eagle, Tomi Agape & Amaarae

Released November 2nd, 2018, Santi (now Cruel Santino) teams up with South Africa’s Shane Eagle, UK’s Tomi Agape, and Ghanaian-American, Amaarae. It is premised on partners who swear they’d go to any length for one another. It’s a song to listen to when you are chill and will properly ease you into the state.


2. Serenade by Ogranya

Serenade is the sixth track out of Ogranya’s album ‘Imperfect’. Ogranya is the sound we’ve been looking for all this while. It inspired this need to forget everything else and live in the moment. Serenade serenades your mind and may tempt you to lose your home training.

3. Trobul by WurlD × Sarz

Everyone knows that the WurlD × Sarz collabo is always a hit. They gave us a whole album with no bad songs, in fact. In Trobul, the artiste confesses to a woman he’s in love with lines like ‘I’m a fool for you so whatever’ despite the fact that she’s a troublemaker. What we don’t know, however, is if this trouble is literal or metaphorical. Don’t we all need a WurlD in our lives? One who will profess undying love, regardless?


4. N.B.U by Fave

Fave, a relatively new artiste, brings us N.B.U. The track was first a freestyle she released on Twitter and then produced into a song because of popular demand. N.B.U is just pure and solid lyrical content and good vibes, really. A great addition to your playlist.

5. These Days by Tems

After releasing fire tracks ‘Try Me‘ and ‘Mr. Rebel’ which got the internet talking for a couple of months, Tems releases ‘These Days’. Nothing short of all the amazing Tems brings to the table. Tems’ character complains (to her partner) that she’s worried that they are losing themselves and says the initial spark is fading away. What happened to all the promises of loving each other till the very end? At some point in our relationships, we have been Tems, unsure, and hurting. This, most times eventually leads to a break-up.

6. Arena by Dyo

First released in April 2019 and later in January 2020 in her album ‘Dyologue’, Dyo’s ‘Arena‘ is full of double entendres and sexy vibes. Chances are, you will agree with me after one listen!

7. Shadow of Doubt by Show Dem Camp ft. Tems

A different theme from the rest of the playlist, the SDC duo talk about the deplorable state of the nation, corruption, and the cycle of voting in leaders that won’t do anything to improve the state of the nation. Tems delivers a fire chorus in this one. It’s a great finish to a nice playlist.

What other tracks would you include in this Alté music playlist? Let’s hear it! 

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