Hanifa Fashion Brand Excites Us With An Impactful 3D Show

American fashion brand Hanifa launched its latest collection in a spectacular 3D show last week. Blowing everyone’s mind in the midst of global conversations around the future of fashion, Anifa Mvuemba sets new standards.

The Congolese fashion designer broadcasted the show on Instagram live. She capitalised on digital and technology to get closer to her community. “We know that some people may never experience a fashion week or Hanifa showcase, so we wanted to show up for our audience where they show up for us on a daily basis.” she said in an interview with Teen Vogue.


“I want these pieces to tell a story of meaning. I want them to remind us to be intentional about what we create.” Anifa said in that same interview. And she was. The designer spread various references of her home country over the collection. From the Congo river to the country’s flag, Hanifa Pink label Congo collection shouted the country’s spirit described as “gentleness, beauty, history, poise, majesty, strength, power, and hope” in the manifesto. The curvy virtual 3D models couldn’t have served it better.


Beyond the big fashion moment, the digital performance aimed to raise awareness of hard conditions in congolese mines. The show started with a documentary reminding us of lessons brought by these unpredictable days: we are all somehow connected. The western increasing consumption of tech devices has consequences in the Third World. Anything we do impacts people’s lives here or there.

Anifa’s message touched the world: collection sold out in only one week. 


Watch the show.


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