Falz Is Sharing Some Much-needed ‘Therapy’ And You Need To See It

At a time when so much seems to be going on, this latest comedy web series by Falz the bahd guy is a hilarious escape.

Scenes from 'Therapy'On the 6th of August, 2020, Nigerian Entertainer Falz unveiled his film and TV production company, House 21. He also announced the launch of their first series, “Therapy,” which premiered the next day. Starring Falz, Toke Makinwa, Josh2funny, and Bovi, “Therapyfollows the story of a dysfunctional couple sorting their issues out.


  1. Falz as Biodun
  2. Toke Makinwa as Stephanie
  3. Josh2funny as Zakius
  4. Bovi as Dr Jude

Check out our take on all 10 episodes of “Therapy.”

Episode 1: Banana Island vs. Lekki 

We meet this newly wedded couple (Biodun and Stephanie) in their first fallout of many. All because Biodun had lied to Stephanie about owning a house in Banana Island, one of the poshest parts of Lagos. Only for Stephanie to discover that they will be spending their married life in Ibeju-Lekki, farther down Lagos.

Watch EP 1 here:

Episode 2: Gender roles

You can imagine what an episode with a title like ‘Gender roles’ would look like for this chaotic couple. Watch how Stephanie cleverly wins this round with a most famous tool: Reverse psychology.

Watch EP 2 here:

Episode 3: Sex

What happens when you tell your traditional Nigerian husband to up his sex game with some orals? Before marriage, all they had talked about was abstinence no thanks to Pastor Zakius. Now, Stephanie is dishing threats and we love to see it!

Watch EP 3 here:

Episode 4: Allowance

Finance is an essential topic for every couple. Once again, Pastor Zakius did not give the best advice to this young couple. Even Dr Jude is flabbergasted by Stephanie’s extravagance.

Watch EP 4 here:

Episode 5: Bad habits

In today’s therapy session, Stephanie is sick of her husband’s poor housekeeping habits. Biodun doesn’t understand why he can’t enter the bathroom while his wife is taking a dump. Real co-habitation issues are tackled with wholesome humour.

Watch EP 5 here;

Episode 6: Mother-in-Law

Of course, there is always the topic of the ‘Mother-in-law.’  What is Stephanie to do with this “Mummy’s boy” she married?

Watch EP 6 here:

Episode 7: Cheating suspicions

As if the problems this couple face is not enough, the big question mark is here. This episode questions what defines ‘infidelity’ in a relationship. Who is to say anyone is cheating?

Watch EP 7 here:

Episode 8: Food

Biodun is insisting that you can’t separate an African man from his pounded yam. He doesn’t care for all these healthy lifestyle options that Stephanie keeps introducing. Guess who wins?

Watch EP 8 here:

Episode 9: Sorry

Biodun has dropped far from the gracious gentleman Stephanie fell in love with. All of a sudden, apologies are no longer his thing, and of course, you can’t say that to Stephanie.

Watch EP 9 here:

Episode 10: Things have changed 

The web series comes to an end with an unexpected punch. See for yourself.

Watch EP 10 here:

“Therapy” was a real ride. Which is your favourite episode? Share this article with your friends and see what they think! 


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