Eat Onions More and Watch These 5 Things Happen

What makes you cry, only makes you healthier.

Onion is a superfood that will improve your overall body health when consumed daily. Here are five changes you should expect when you start adding onions into your daily diet.

1. Low cholesterol levels.

Low cholesterol levels

Onions are high in anti-inflammatory properties and reduce the bad cholesterol in your body. A low level of cholesterol decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, ultimately keeping your heart healthy.

2. Smooth digestion

Smooth digestion

Onions are full of fibre that enhances proper digestion in the body. Besides, it also boosts the production of “good bacteria” in your intestines, making digestion easy.

3. Better eyesight and oral health.

Better eyesight

You may not like it when you eat it raw, but onions actually kill the harmful bacteria in your mouth and improve your overall oral hygiene. Their antimicrobial properties can also strengthen your teeth. They also contain “quercetin,” a compound that fights off cataracts and keeps your eyes safe.

4. Slow aging

Slow aging

Slow aging means glowing skin. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, onions can help you achieve the perfect glow you desire. They also reduce acne and the gel extracted from them can be used to lighten up scars.

5. Good sleep

Good sleep

Consuming onions can improve your quality of sleep. They have dietary fibre that helps relieve stress.

How often do you consume onions? Do you prefer them raw or cooked?






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