Designing Your Work Space: Your WFH Decor Guide

Work From Home, popularly referred to as WFH, has become our new reality since COVID hit. Being productive while at this can be daunting especially when you don’t have a set workspace with zero distractions. 

So, how do you declutter your mind and create an atmosphere that keeps you relaxed while boosting your efficiency? we have some decor ideas!

But first……..

Breathe, you own this WFH life!

Inhale, then exhale. You need your mind in the right space to give your workspace the revamping it deserves.

Now, here are 5 design ideas you can recreate in your living room (or bedroom) to build the WFH space of your dreams:

The Organizer

WFH decor ideas 1

Looks really simple, doesn’t it? Works best for people who are finicky about to-do lists and making notes.  All you need for a space like this is your table and chair, work paraphernalia, and a wall art decor (or even a board) to pin your to-do lists and other notes to self, hang your stationery and keep everything you need right where you can see them.

The Outdoor Dreamer

WFH decor ideas 2

Craving the outdoors so much that you want a glimpse of the “old normal” while you work? This WFH space is perfect for you. With books stacked overhead on gleaming mahogany shelves, picture frames of happier times with the people you love, and an open window with a view of the “outside,” your productivity is about to reach its peak.

The Aesthete

WFH decor ideas 3

Eccentric and unconventional, you are. What is that one thing you have always wanted to see come to life on a wall? your favourite painting or even a cartoon character? You will be shocked at how much work you can get done when surrounded by things that give you life. Consider making a call to an artist today, a portion of your wall may be needing a new look!

The Life Coach 

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If words of affirmation are important in your daily activities, then they should be enlarged on the walls of your WFH space. Why? so that if on a day, you ever feel like giving up, you only have to look around you to remember why you have to keep on. Not to forget photo frames of your loved ones here and there (Insert a million heart emojis).

The Strict Minimalist

Minimal Geek on Instagram: “Clean workspace by @chelsey_horne 👌 What do you think? . #minimalgeek”

You know you are a strict minimalist if you are obsessed about keeping the colours down to two, preferably white and black. Furnished with a proper swivel chair, a simple shelf, and every other thing in its place, bet you don’t need a “Do not disturb” sign to keep everyone else away.

What are you thinking?

Yessss! You should start designing your workspace too! The rush of excitement is healthy and if you get it right? the end result is art. Work From Home can be a blessing. You only have to make the most of it!

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