Burna Boy’s Emotional Music Video – ‘Real Life’ Featuring Stormzy

Have you ever seen an older get frozen in time,
Till they’re younger than you,
‘Cause you’ve grown and they’ve died.
And all you have left is a hole in your mind,
A ghost in its prime,
Frozen in time…
and no one knows why this had to be,
but it’s real life and it’s sad to see.

______  George The Poet


After the revolutionary visuals for “Monsters You Made’, Burna Boy returns with quite an emotional one for ‘Real Life’ featuring British rapper, Stormzy.

Real Life’ is a track off Burna’s recently released album ‘Twice As Tall’ which is the number one most streamed 2020 Nigerian Album on Audiomack with almost 70 million streams.

It is not just any song. It is a ‘real-life’ sit-rep of relatable events especially for blacks living in the UK.


It tells the tragic story of twin brothers: One is a young street OG who has his clique and the other is a cool, family-oriented man with a baby on the way. By a twist of fate, there is an altercation with another street gang and the wrong twin is stabbed to death.

This video represents the struggle of disadvantaged black youth in the UK, blurring the lines between the road life and real life. It also brings the fragility between life and death to light; how knife crime/murder often reported as a mere statistic in the media, has longstanding effects on a community.

Watch the video below:


Lyrics from ‘Real Life’

[Burna Boy]
Pull up like “Surprise, surprise it’s the President”
Can’t you see that I’m in my element?
I might just decide to slide on my enemies
I go along on a glide for the hell of it
I bring a different vibe when I’m steppin’ in
If a Nigga ain’t right, I’m correcting him
Everybody know for sure, I’ma take it there
So cross your T’s and dot your I’s when you’re messaging
I never subscribe to guys on the internet
Living for the clout, telling lies to the press again
Better don’t take me for the fool I ain’t never been
Don’t bother with lies, I’m wise when I’m checkin’ in
I’m redirecting dem back to the sender men
Then you go see reality, go start arresting dem
Be like say dem no hear when I was telling dem
Life real, I ain’t never like the rest of them

Yes, we are blessed but it’s harder to see sometimes
Tryna find my peace of mind
You said how could we be so blinded?
You just follow your dreams and go live your life
I give you something to believe in, I’ma be the reason.

So please (so please), please stay (please stay)
Say you won’t leave (say you won’t leave)
Real life is for living
But the price you’ve been given’s not cheap
So please stay (please stay)
We’ll share the whole thing, yeah
Real life is for living
Use this life that you’re living, be free

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