Brandy – ‘B7’ Review: A Comeback Of Truth

Brandy is back on the music scene after eight years with ‘B7,’ but this studio album is more than just ‘brand-new content’ for starved fans. It is a journey of soul-searching.


If you grew up listening to Brandy, you will experience nostalgia at her harmonious vocals. But beyond that, ‘B7’ is the most honest body of work that the R&B Queen has ever curated.

Starting off with a phenomenal release of a fashion editorial and #TheBrandyChallenge, we were not sure what to expect from Brandy’s ‘B7,’ but the curiosity was intense.

Brandy’s seventh studio album arrived as a love letter to herself, speaking unabashedly about mental health struggles, self-love, and strength.


‘Lucid Dreams’ acknowledges her familiarity with toxic relationships while showing a determination to ‘figure it out.’ In ‘I am More,’ her voice becomes assertive and she takes ownership of her self-worth. This is further strengthened in ‘High Heels’ featuring her daughter, Sy’rai Smith, which embraces the power of femininity.

‘Baby Mama’ featuring Chance the rapper, is a proud declaration of single motherhood, the bond between mother and daughter, and total independence.

‘Love Again’ with Daniel Caesar speaks about the recklessness of love while inspiring hope to find it yet again.

And let’s not forget ‘All my life,’ the beautiful two-part interlude where Brandy proclaims her self-love over and over.

Nevertheless, the most compelling track from the R&B Queen’s latest masterpiece has to be ‘Bye Bipolar,’ a farewell song to pain.

Bipolar disorder is a troubling and often misunderstood disease that is borderline harmful to all who experience it. With ‘B7,’ Brandy captures its entire journey in her personal struggles with mental health, heartbreak, self-love, and the ultimate victory.

Brandy’s fans have definitely missed her smooth-sailing voice, but more than that, this album is a healing journey, and to experience it is to experience gratitude, wholly.

Have you listened to Brandy’s album yet? Which is your favorite track?


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