BIDHAAR Brands: 411 Silks, The Cool Crowd You Want To Be A Part Of!

What do a streetwear brand, music, and a popular TV show have in common? Dee from 411 Silks tells us all about it! 

Silks 1
Custom-embroidered silk shirt from Silks

411 Silks is a creative clothing brand based in South London. From custom embroidered silk shirts and T-shirts to zines, a premium streetwear-inspired brand.

Created for all humans and cooler than cool, 411 Silks exists on a range of many influences. Speaking with its founder, who simply likes to go by the name of Dee, we get the full gist of it all.

411 Silks is a little over a year old, inspired by the passion to represent people from all walks of life. For Dee, who is also a musician, this is another hobby turned business.

The brand name was coined from his stage name, ‘Silky’ and his song, 411. Aptly named because this song explores the trap genre, which depicts the brand’s new-school vibe.

So, what makes up this cool crowd?

Simpsons-branded shirts from Silks

Dee seems so impressed with his close-knit team of family and friends. There’s Maeve Cosovic the Art Director, Jack the photographer, and his Mum for operations. Together, they are creating unique statement pieces for lounging and freestyling.

Looking through collections by Silks, you will notice it’s branded with characters from The Simpsons, an American T.V show.

“The Simpsons is the greatest T.V show of all time.” Dee gushes. “Their character depiction is awesome!”

The people-focused brand is apparently character-driven and Maeve (the Art Director) has been up to something interesting with Zines. These are a fun way of curating content and Maeve captures it so perfectly with the Silks brand. On their blog, she tells stories that feature people at their most authentic selves using zines. Check it out here.


Beyond this ‘coolness’ that resonates so distinctly, Silks is promoting Africa’s creativity. It presents a platform for supporting young creatives through apparel, events, artwork, magazines and music.

“We are a conscious brand,” Dee says. “We’re about how it makes people feel. What it says about our African roots.”

The British-Ghanaian is passionate about his Ghanaian heritage and hopes to use Silks as a medium to give back to this community.

At the moment, A portion of the brand’s profits from selling face masks goes to a local charity supporting Covid-19 relief. They have also donated over 250 masks to NHS England though an organisation called the Guba foundation.

Shots from incoming hoodie collection by Silks

Dee is eager to talk about his incoming collection of hoodies and T-shirts. “This is the first time we will be trying out hoodies and I’m so excited about the designs. I feel like, we’ve got it right!”

And, if you have ever seen something you created come to life, we are sure you can relate to this.

Silks 2
More hoodies, available soon!

BIDHAAR is definitely happy to be collaborating with this cool crowd! Pieces from their collection will be available at our store in London, as well as the e-commerce store launching soon!



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