BIDHAAR Brands: Lagoniassa, Empowering Through Athleisure Style!

Lagoniassa is a premium Afrourban Athleisure brand covering footwear, clothing, and accessories. Intended for the casual, yet stylishly distinct.

lagoniassaThe London-based Athleisure brand creates a unique range of sneakers, garments and accessories for men and women, ticking off the essential boxes of style, comfort, and durability.

Its brand name, LAGONIASSA  (lā′gŏ-nī-ăs′ə) was inspired by Lake Niassa (Lago Niassa in Portuguese), one of the world’s most beautiful lakes located in Malawi. However, the Portuguese colonial masters from the 18th century didn’t think so. They referred to Lago Niassa as ‘Ugly Lake,’ thus inspiring the name for one of the best Athleisure brands in London!

According to Its founders, Saheed Tijani and Daniel Manyika, “Life is about perception and preference, what may be ugly to one person, could be beautiful to the next, and vice-versa.

Hence, pulling together cultures from their respective Nigerian and Malawian origins, Lagoniassa was birthed.

lagoniassa-streetwearOver time, there has been an underrepresentation of Black-owned businesses creating athleisure designs globally but this brand is changing that narrative. For Saheed Tijani and Daniel Manyika, the idea is not to merely slap on some African prints on each item. It is to create a vast range of authentic designs in the Athleisure industry, where there are not enough Black voices.

The process with Saheed Tijani and Daniel Manyika 

In addition, the brand transcends streetwear style into a powerful movement for women’s empowerment. In Saheed Tijani’s words, “It’s hard to be a Black person. Even harder to be a woman. We seek to support female-owned businesses and creatives everywhere.”

Lagoniassa - 3 - resize

Staying true to these values, the brand’s latest collection celebrates femininity in a way that surpasses stereotype.

People assume that women should prefer pink sneakers or lots of florals when sometimes, they just want shoes that look like their boyfriend’s.” –  Saheed Tijani

As for the creative process of these amazing designs, we have Daniel Manyika to thank. Product design has always been a part of his life’s story and today, sketching designs for Lagonniasa is a purpose. In his words,

“We are growing at a time when Athleisure is becoming a thing. Right now, I just want to keep sketching unique designs for the brand, and although the creative process takes time, it is worth it.

While Manyika covers the creative side, Tijani operates on a business level. The result is a brand that sets the tone for a future of trailblazers in the fast-booming Athleisure industry.

Manyika looks forward to a future where the brand has independent stores all over the African continent. “We created this for a reason,” he says, “so that more Africans (and all women) can have more opportunities.

Watch a detailed process from the brand on creating their latest collection here.

Lagoniassa Gills collection 2If you are In London, shop this brand’s coolest pieces at our flagship store located at Ground Floor, Market Peckham, 133A Rye Lane, Peckham, London, United Kingdom.

Not in London? Not to worry because BIDHAAR will be launching an e-commerce site soon. And, Lagoniassa pieces will be available to order from the comfort of your home!


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