Ayoba: “My Music is honest. My genre is fusion.”

“It is a diary of my thoughts. I make it and I make it make sense,” Ayoba says about his music, in a concise tone that tells you more about the man than the art. You immediately want to ask more questions, like, what kind of person vibes to Sunny Ade and Kanye West at the same time?

Ayoba: Producer, Singer, and Rapper

Ayoba (Full name: Michael Ayobamidele Shadamoro) is a British born, Nigerian Songwriter, Producer, and Audio Engineer based in London. He is a self-taught Guitarist and Pianist, passionate about making music and skilled at refining them from the production room. His sound is a medley of Afrobeat, Trap, R&B, Grime, Hip Hop, Soul, and classical genres.

When asked how he describes this sound in one word, Ayoba says simply, “It is fusion.” But, as you will come to understand, nothing about Ayoba is simple. He pauses a bit before continuing, “I think people make a conscious effort to classify their music as one genre so it’s easier to describe to other people. Music is so vast, it’s always a mix.”


Growing up as a black kid in London, Ayoba saw more than his fair share of racist abuse in High School on account of his skin colour. He is angry when he talks about it, but not resentful. He says, “I was beaten up a lot, but I couldn’t tell anyone about it. They were mad people. It’s a mad world.”

And, as the conversation wears on, the phrase, “Mad world,” reoccurs over and over. Let’s talk about happier things, shall we? Ayoba agrees.

From the age of 10, this multi-talented Artiste fell in love with music under the influences of the legendary King Sunny Adé. From there, it was easy to discover and enjoy Fela. Then, he found Kanye West, Michael Jackson, The Fugees, Andre 3000, Ghetts, and Wretch 32, amongst others.

Although born and raised in the UK, Ayoba is quite keen on the happenings in his home country. He speaks about it with fondness and a little sadness. “Nigeria is great and all but what we need is a system that works. People worship power, religion, and money a little too much. You can’t run away from it.”

Just don’t get him started on the injustice happening around the world because of these factors.


He describes his music as honest, and it is the authenticity of this passion that has defined his path as an evolving Creative. After studying Audio Engineering at the University of Kent, Ayoba has mastered the art of producing and mixing songs as well as writing them.

However, you will find Ayoba at his core in his latest EP, Casper, which he describes as an intimate journey into some of his life’s stories. ‘Believe,’ a track off the EP, is a raw testament of this truth. Similarly, his most recent single, ‘Cupid strike,’ is a fluid journey of R&B and Soul, an edgy love story.

Currently, Ayoba is not making any music but you’d still find him at the studio all day, producing. When asked about a comeback, he chuckles and says, “Coming soon.”


Ayoba has been taking the ‘social distancing’ term quite literally. No social media, hangouts, and more alone time. The times may have taken a toll on the artist, but he is a firm believer in finding solutions. He says, “I’m embracing not wanting to do anything,” but “anything” does not include producing. Ayoba still actively visits the studio to immerse himself in the thing he’s most passionate about, music.

The further we converse, the more you understand that Ayoba’s ideologies are steeped in profundity. On race, he says, “To be Black is to be everything and nothing at the same time. It is to be talented enough to accomplish so much despite the struggles, and yet still be nothing because your life does not matter in many circles.”

He talks at length about the struggles of the average black man, political injustice, racial discrimination, and our failed system.

Here is an Artist highly sensitized to the world outside the one he creates with his music. It explains where the passion and authenticity of his sound draw inspiration from.

BIDHAAR Press Night 

We are so excited to have Ayoba perform at BIDHAAR’s Press Night happening tomorrow! Especially since he admits he has missed performing on-stage and connecting with his fans. What should we expect then,  on the big night of Black Excellence and Afrourban vibes? Heart.

“Expect to see a lot from my latest EP, Casper,” He says in that mysterious way of his that has become familiar by now.

As we count down to the first social event of the year by BIDHAAR, look out for this refreshing fusion of sounds from a multi-talented Artiste.

What else outside music?

The pandemic may have slowed things down but Ayoba is still quite the fitness guy. He loves to work out or just jogs in the mornings to clear his head.

He also loves to read! He could go from motivational books like 48 Laws of Power to exciting adventures like Noughts & Crosses to Historical drama like Half of a Yellow Sun. 

“I’m cradling this book now!” He said of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun. “Such an awesome book!”

If it weren’t for coronavirus, Ayoba would be chilling with his friends at the coolest restaurants, but for now, he’s happy to stay home and play video games, his new-found love.


You can find Ayoba on Apple Music and Sound Cloud.

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