Besides Blow Job: 9 Things You Can Do With Your Mouth To Drive Him Crazy

It’s possible you already make your partner feel good in bed but because there are so many things to explore about sex, you’re curious about how to make things even more pleasurable.

The truth is you have what you need already. Your mouth. Did you know that the mouth can render an incredible range of sensations? When a tongue connects with that perfect spot on his body, the intense burst of pleasure is indescribable.

Most times, women assume that men don’t like foreplay, but you may have been trying the wrong things. Therefore, at your next ‘Fifty Shades’ appointment, use these tips and watch him go crazy.

1. Channel Your Passion to His Neck


Start at the base of his ear and work your way down giving him small nibbles and gentle kisses. Kisses on the neck establish a kind of I-want-you-now feeling. Take the passion to the next level by pulling his head to the side to expose the vein running from the ear down. I tell you he won’t be able to guess what’s coming next.

2. Don’t Forget His Ears


Ears are an erogenous zone and tend to pick subtle stimulations. Place your lips an inch away from his ear and release a slow moan. Then, take his earlobe in your lips and gently tug. This indirectly stimulates the nerves in the ear. You will defo blow his mind doing this!

3. Suck His Bottom Lips


Take only his bottom lip between yours and suck on it gently. Make this simple by having him suck on your top lip while you work on his bottom one; then switch. The feeling is completely different and switching ensures things do not get boring.

4. Kiss His Nipples


For some men, nipple play is required to reach orgasm. For others, the act alone can bring them to an earth-rending climax. Tease his nipples by blowing on it gently before you trace it with your tongue. After that, feel free to explore with sucking, biting, and wherever else your imagination takes you. Remember to begin slowly and build up.

5. Kiss His Stomach


Between the navel and his nether region, there is a line of hair called the “treasure trail”. Take some strands between your lips and pull – just hard enough he can feel it. The little pain you create will send jolts of electricity through his lower abdomen, and even send a message below the belt. Also, the downward direction you’re heading is already making his imagination race.

6. Make love to his fingers 


Kisses on the hand are not only for those men in the forties trying to court women. You can give your man goosebumps with it. Place the tip of your tongue on the webbed area at the base of his fingers. Slide your way up the side slowly. Then, finish him off by taking the tip of his finger with your lips into your mouth.

7. Talk


Sighs and moans are sexy in their own ways, but making demands in whispers or just calling his name can be a crazy turn-on.

8. Call Him


Sexting is fun, we know, but nothing beats phone sex when you’re far from each other. Use it to explore your kinkiest fantasies.

9. Experiment


Did you know that there are other sensitive places you can touch on your partner? Have you considered his toes, elbows, or even clavicle? That is the idea. Every man is different and has specific turn-ons, so the experimentation is definitely worth it. Never be afraid to explore his body while trying new things.

I hope that you experiment with some of these tips and drive him crazy between the sheets. If he’s worth his salt, he’ll defo return the favour.

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