7 Health And Fitness Tips for Busy People

“I wish my days had extra 6 hours to allow me to get a lot of things done.”

If this is you, you are not alone. Time seems to fly by when we are busy, i.e., the busier we become, the shorter our days look.

You want to follow a workout routine or be consistent with a healthy diet, but there just seems to be no time. Don’t worry, here are 7 health and fitness tips for the busy bees – Get healthy while getting busy.

1. Make Your Health a Priority

Make Your Health a Priority

The plain truth is this: If you’re not healthy, every other aspect of your life will suffer, and even if you have accomplished many things, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy them.

So when planning out your day, have this fact in mind.

2. Set Realistic Goals

health and fitness tips - man exercising

While planning your week or day, don’t schedule hour-long workouts when you know it won’t work. You have to be honest with yourself.

You don’t have to work out every day. Instead, you can start with the three days a week you know there’s a 90% chance you will work out for at least 15 minutes. Be consistent with that, and work your way up from there.

What matters is not the duration but the intensity in the hours spent.

3. Live an active life

Live an active life-person- swimming

If you are someone that takes long calls every day, add pacing while it’s going on. Walk, don’t just sit for hours in one position. You won’t lose concentration.

If you struggle to register for the gym or a dance class, try incorporating exercise into your lifestyle. If the distance is not far, carry your shopping home rather than getting a cab. Instead of meeting a friend to sit in a restaurant for hours, can you both agree to go swimming?

Intentionally choose activities that allow your muscles to exercise.

4. Plan Your Meals

Plan Your Meals-woman holding fruits

If you don’t care what you eat, you will make last-minute decisions; and they will be junk, most likely. Plan your meal. Find easy to cook recipes and readily available healthy foods. Also, save options in your fridge.

This way, even if you’re in a hurry, it’s sure you are going to grab something healthy.

5. Avoid food cravings

Avoid food cravings- doughnut-flavors

Cravings most time happen whenever you are stressed or emotionally unbalanced. Find ways to quench these cravings other than using food. Yielding means you could eat a sugar-laced snack or something your body does not need.

Try to calm down, take a bath even. Drink some tea or journal away.

6. Ditch Your Bad Habits


It’s hard, I know… but not impossible. Think of the resultant effects of those bad habits on your health and relationships if you don’t start working on them. Opt for healthier options for your objects of addiction. If it’s liquor and smoking, work on limiting them.

7. Drink water and get plenty of sleep

Drink water

As I mentioned earlier, it’s only a healthy and fit person that can effectively function in other areas of life.

When you are out all day, you can forget to drink enough water. Hydrate properly to keep your metabolism high. Always keep a water bottle with you; it helps with the cravings. Most times, you’re not hungry; you’re just thirsty.

Also, try not to always spend too much time in front of the computer. I know it’s hard if you are a programmer. But take breaks. Find ways to unwind later in the day. You can Netflix, catch cruise on Twitter, or read a book.

Before going to bed, I recommend listening to some calming music or ASMR sounds (I particularly enjoy this).

Which of these health and fitness tips are you beginning with?





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