7 Great Ideas For Weekend Family Time!

Weekends are life’s little blessings after yet another crazy week. They are also an opportunity to enjoy quality time with your family.

Here are 7 great ideas that will inspire you for family time this weekend and every other weekend!

1. Find a cool, new spot to have breakfast

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Discovering new places can be oh so exciting! Instead of regular breakfast at the dining table, how about taking your family on a drive and checking out that breakfast spot you’ve been craving? Mealtimes are some of the best bonding times and everyone loves a great breakfast spread.

2. Go on a drive and see the town with new eyes

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Children love a thrill and a drive around town might be the adventure you didn’t know you needed. Take them on a trip as though you are a tour guide, and show them your favourite spots along the way. You can even consider spending the night in a different part of town.

3. Cook together

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Like I said earlier, mealtimes are great family time. Is there a new recipe you have been dying to try out? Is there a meal that the kids never get tired of? A weekend is a good time to cook as a team. For one, if the meal flops, there will be enough time to make another one because, duh, it’s the weekend!

4. Themed Family Nights 

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

On nights like this, let down the rules a little and let the kids have some fun. You can pick a theme for each weekend, from movie night or disco night or simply spending the night together. Make sure to check that it is an activity that everyone would enjoy. Also, Game nights are always a good idea. For instance, Jigsaw puzzles are a fun and educational way to bond as a team.

5. Invite your kids’ friends over

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How better to know your kids than by knowing the kind of people they hang out with? Warning: You have to do this in a non-old-people way. Be the cool parent and let your kids bring their friends over for interesting family activities.

6. Volunteer together 


The beauty of volunteering as a family is that you will be instilling core communal values in your child from early on. It could be something as simple as visiting an animal shelter or attending a peaceful protest together. Make sure to properly educate them on the purpose of each cause before you embark on it.

7. Now, let the kids choose

Photo by Ketul Subiyanto from Pexels

Spin things up a bit and let the younger members of the family choose what the next bonding activity will be. Family time is more fun when everyone feels like they are involved. You can get them to write their ideas in scraps of paper and put in a jar. Every week, take one sheet out and voila, here is another idea for quality family time!

Don’t forget…

As you create memories, be sure to document them. Take ugly selfies or pretty selfies, make silly videos, and share mushy notes. Every moment is special, and having something to look back to at random times later on? That is golden.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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