5 Ways to Treat a Runny Nose Without Medicine

Like me, you may be one of the people prone to nasal infections, especially runny nose. A sneeze at first, followed by a tickle in the throat, and you already know the falls are coming.

While you want your body to get rid of excess mucous, you need to do something when it becomes a constant flow. But before you go to the pharmacy, why not try these five things first.

1. Blow Your Nose

Blow Your Nose

I get it. This may seem like common sense, but many people don’t do it. Some resort to snuffing the mucous right back into their heads instead of blowing to keep the mucous and germs out.

Also, when you blow your nose, do it correctly—one nostril at a time. Press your finger against one nostril, blow gently to clear the other nostril, then switch. Do not force a hard blow.

2. Stay hydrated with hot liquids.

Stay hydrated with hot liquids

If you have a cold or any recurrent sinus issue, it’s essential to stay hydrated. For your runny nose, you can take water, tea, coffee, or homemade chicken stock.

Hot liquids are soothing, and the steam can help relieve your stuffy nasal passages. Be careful not to burn your tongue, though.

3. Hit the Shower

Hit the Shower

Warm liquids are great for the inside as well as the outside. A warm shower can build up steam to help open your clogged nostrils so you can breathe better.

To boost the warm shower, you can add essential oils to your bath. They are natural decongestants. So, relax in the comforting steam and inhale healing vapors.

4. Turn up the spice.

Turn up the spice

How about adding some hot peppers to your diet? Your eyes may water, but you will feel your sinuses opening and draining as a response to the burning sensation. Next time your nose is stuffy and won’t stop dripping, try eating something peppery.

5. Rest


Resting is good but how you do it also matters. Sleeping comfortably might be one of the answers you need. Have your head slightly elevated; you will breathe better and allow for proper sinus drainage. Feel free to use two pillows.

Bonus: You remember when your mother urges you to take Vitamin C. Yes, you will also need them now to strengthen your immune system.

These non-medicinal remedies can, indeed, bring improvement. However, if you notice things are getting worse, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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