5 Fun Ideas For A Stay-At-Home Holiday

Chances are, you are spending the holiday cooped up at home, surrounded by family. What to do with all this free time?

Coronavirus may have put a pause on a lot of things, but it should never kill your holiday spirit. Get creative with these 5 fun ideas for a truly exciting stay-at-home holiday!

1. Go on vacation to your dream country, from home 

costume-partyDon’t roll your eyes, it gets better! What is that country you’ve been looking to visit all year? Channel your creative spirit into recreating the experience. You can start by learning about the country’s culture from food to lifestyle. Then, picture this: Say, your dream spot is Paris. You can organize a Games Night everyone dresses like a Parisian and French food is served. Let the games be themed around Paris too. Cool, right?

P.S: Looking for a cool vacation spot to recreate? Read here.

2. Make “Secret Santa” a huge deal 

santaEvery time is always a good time to gift someone you love. However, this the season of “Secret Santas” and “Surprise packages.” It would be fun to organize one for family and friends and have everyone gather for the unwrapping. To make it more fun, you can ensure that the gifts are only labelled with the receiver’s names and nothing else. This way, everyone has to guess who their “secret Santa” is, which is the whole point.

3. Rearrange the house together 

family-arranging house The flipside to a stay-at-home holiday is that you have no other choice but to embrace your inner creativity. Tis the season for new beginnings, and never a better time to revamp your home. You can start with a wardrobe declutter, and finish off with a Christmas tree. The idea is to transform your home with holiday cheer!

4. Learn something new 

learn-a-skillIt could be something as simple as a new recipe, or as phenomenal as a video-editing skill, but learning can be fun. Need some inspiration? Take a look at 10 really amazing skills you can learn from home here.

5. Create a picnic 

family-picnicDo something different for lunch or dinner, and a picnic is a great time. Take your stay-at-home holiday to the veranda, patio, or garden. Then, have fun exploring new recipes and create a sumptuous spread for your picnic date. Cooking together is also another opportunity for bonding. You could try that too.



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