5 Common Signs of Spiritual Awakening

What does ‘Awakening’ mean?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, ‘awakening’ is the act of starting to understand something or feel something.

When you are becoming awakened, you are becoming spiritually aware of the universe and its metaphysical connection to you and all other life forces. How can you tell if you are having an awakening? The following signs are a pointer.

1. Observing Patterns


One of the initial signs of awakening is noticing. You stop living life on autopilot and actually start giving thought to who you are, what is happening around you, and why you are here. At a time, I saw signs n numbers. I kept seeing the number 11 consistently – on my phone, message timestamps, etc.

You could also find yourself questioning yourself like;

How did the world begin?
Why am I here at this point in time?
Should I really be comparing myself to others? 
Why am I so quick to anger?
Do I really need to drink so much?

The first step in growth is always an awareness of your present situation.

2. Increasing Intuition


Have you ever thought of someone only to run into them the next day? Or heard your phone ring and known who the person was before looking? Do you ever meet someone new and feel like you already know them? These are signs of intuition. Spiritually awakened people tend to connect with intuitive energy on a constant basis.

3. Inner Peace


This means that even when things go wrong, you are stable emotionally. You are not giving in to anger, frustration, or despair. Inner peace magnifies positive emotions over negative ones.

4. Absence of Fear


Fear decreases generally as one becomes more awakened. Even your own demise seems less tragic. This is because you focus on living in the present. You do not worry about the future neither do you regret the past. Also, when consciousness is seen as something beyond a physical body, the loss of the body feels less tragic

5. Increasing Authenticity


With awakening comes a deep sense of self-worth. You do not seek to conform to the norm. Instead, you have a real sense of satisfaction with who you are and the choices you make. There is an energy that comes with being one’s self. It is attractive and feels secure to be around.

What to do to Open Yourself Fully to Spiritual Awakening


If you think you have had some signs of awakening but want to open yourself fully to it, try and engage in the following;

  1. Meditate
  2. Spend time outside
  3. Laugh
  4. Dance
  5. Volunteer
  6. Practice gratitude
  7. Slow down
_____  “You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.”  – Eckhart Tolle

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