5 African Movies on Netflix Everyone is Watching and you should too!

With more time on everyone’s hands, thanks to the events of the ongoing pandemic, more people are turning to Netflix for their entertainment. This is so relevant now considering that movie theatres are closed and therefore the only way to relish African stories is at home.

In this article, we present 5 African movies on Netflix you should be seeing.

Living in bondage: Breaking Free

The multiple award-winning movie by Play Network has been a favourite on Netflix. Almost 3 hours long, the thriller is a sequel to the 1992 Nollywood classic, “Living in Bondage”. If you’re into stories about African voodoo, you might want to check it out.


King of Boys –

Starring Sola Sobowale and a slew of other well-known Nollywood faces, King of Boys will keep you glued to your seat, as you’re taken into the world of hooliganism, similar to the mafia tales. The story takes different twists and turns in showing the power struggles and sacrifices a woman makes on her way to the top.


Lion Heart –

This 2019 Nollywood movie starring Genevie Nnaji and veteran actor Pete Edochie touches home with the African culture of the Igbos. It shows how a woman may be the most qualified for a role but still get passed over for a male counterpart. It’s a simple story and quite enjoyable.

Wedding Party 1 & 2 – 

Drama and entertaining are two words to describe these movies. The story follows two young lovers (played by Banky and Adesua Wellington) who come from different parts of Nigeria and the events surrounding their wedding.



The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind –

Follows the story of a young Malawian boy who decides to do something about the famine in his village by building a windmill. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is actor Chiwetel Ejiofor’s directorial debut.


What great African movies from Netflix should we have included? Tell us in the comments.


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