10 Times Idia Aisien Stunned In Amazing African Designer Brands!

In Tosin Igho’s remake of the 1994 Nollywood classic, Nneka The Pretty Serpent, Idia Aisien debuts as Nneka. Take a look at Aisien’s repertoire of style slays and see how the role was hers to own!

10 times Idia Aisien showed up in African Designers, and 10 times she killed it.

1. Nneka The Pretty Serpent Movie Premiere 
Designed by Oge by Oge and Moon Visuals studios

No other way to begin than with Idia Aisien’s look to the movie premiere for her debut, Nneka the pretty serpent. This dreamy outfit was birthed from the combined creative genius of a Fashion Designer (Oge by Oge) and a Fabricator (Moon Visuals Studios). Of course, you can always count on Idia to put the ‘pretty’ in ‘serpent!’

2. Have a drink from Idia’s Pink Colada.
From an ADM x Idia style collaboration

Who is thirsty? Apparently, the Pink Colada dress from Idia Aisien’s collaboration with African Designer’s Mall is very dear to her. A versatile statement dress that can take you anywhere from a wedding to a night out with your girls.

3. This one was definitely a murder intent!
Designed by Yutee Rone Atelier

This is what “Dressed to kill” means. Aisien’s look was custom-made by Yutee Rone Atelier for a costume party.

4. Look how she styled an Emmy Kasbit jacket.
Jacket designed by Emmy Kasbit

Idia Aisien in one of our favourite African brands is more proof that she has taste. We absolutely love the anchor detail on this jacket by Emmy Kasbit. Then, look at the matching pants!

5. Twice as tall, Twice as gorgeous.
Designed by Dzyn

For this look created by the Dzyn Babe Brand, Idia stands tall and regal, like a true goddess. We stan!

6. Attention: This is the President speaking.
Designed by Mmakamba Official

From the bantu knot hairstyle to the army-green blazer dress by Mmakamba, to the boots! Everything about this look is making sure you pay attention.

7. If a suit could speak:
The Mai Atafo suit
Designed by Atafo Official

 There is something decidedly edgy yet minimalistic about this get-up by Atafo. Combined with the nude makeup, elegant shoes, and matching purse, this is the sort of look you can’t forget in a hurry.

8. Another ADM x Idia Wonder 
ADM and Idia
From an ADM x Idia style collaboration

Another hit fit from Idia’s collaboration with Africa Designers’ Mall. Exaggerated sleeves enhancing an otherwise simple white dress? We love to see it!

9. An artwork molded to fit Idia’s form. 
Designed by Kiki Kamanu

Enjoy the bold prints on this statement maxi dress from Kiki Kamanu. A casual fit, yet a head spinner.

10. All that glitters…is gold 
Designed by Tope FNR

Nothing like a dramatic ending for Idia’s 10 stunning looks than this number from Tope FNR. A fit for a Queen.

Which is your favourite look so far?

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