10 Things You Need To STOP Doing To Your Skin (Don’t Argue With No.10)

Here to tell you about all the unjustness you are putting your skin through, knowingly or unknowingly. 

The concept of skincare is one that can’t afford to be treated with levity, especially if you really want that dream skin. This means that everything counts, from your beauty routine to your daily lifestyle. You could be spending a fortune on skincare products with no rewards, and perhaps this is because of something else you are doing wrong.

Check out the 10 things you may be doing that are damaging your skin.

1. Sleeping on dirty sheets

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It may be tempting to leave that bedsheet or pillowcase for another week because “it’s not that dirty,” but it is doing more harm to your skin than you can imagine. Ideally, your sheets should not stay longer than two weeks, but if they get sullied before then, surrender to the Laundry. Also, try using silk covers for your pillowcases. They are naturally hypoallergenic, work as temperature regulators, and are amazing for your skin and hair.

2. Going to bed with an unwashed face

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After a long day of dirt and grime from air pollution, the first thing you want to do before you go to bed is to wash your face. Do this every single day, not just the days you wear makeup. This will unclog your pores and protect you against inflammations and breakouts. For this, always use a mild face cleanser, preferably with ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Rub over face gently and leave for at least two minutes before you rinse out.

3. Overindulging your sweet tooth

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Your skin does not care if you own the world’s biggest sweet tooth. The journey to glowing and never-ageing skin begins from what you eat. Avoid overindulging on chocolates and other sweet things, if you can’t completely eliminate it from your diet. Read this article to discover the best diet for perfecting your beauty routine.

4. Taking steaming baths

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Yes, long and hot baths are relaxing, but they dry out your skin. Supplement all that steam for warmer or cold baths to retain your skin’s natural oils and moisture. In addition, dry yourself with gentle dabs of your towel to keep the skin moist instead of rubbing vigorously. Lastly, use a towel different from your body towel for your face, always.

5. Not using sunscreen

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Few things can damage the skin as fast as exposure to harmful UV rays. They cause wrinkling, sunburn and premature ageing which other skincare products cannot correct. Get a sunscreen today, with SPF 30 and above. Let this be the last thing that goes on your face after you’ve applied your skincare products. Note that sunscreen should always be in your routine, whether you are indoors or outdoors.

6. Drinking alcohol and smoking

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No judgement here, but you can’t achieve the best skin if you don’t drop these habits. Alcohol intake can be minimized, but smoking is toxic for your skin and should be eliminated totally. Both cause premature ageing and dryness, as well as sagging of the skin. If you needed one more reason to drop these dangerous habits today, this is it.

P.S: Looking for how to create healthier habits? Start here.

7. Staying up at night 

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Even the motivational quotes would tell you that the most successful people have ample hours of sleep. Keeping late nights leaves you with eyebags and dark circles, which you know aren’t pretty. Also, sufficient sleep leaves you feeling refreshed and if you do this consistently, you will see the rewards on your skin.

8. Not drinking water 

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Every day on the internet, someone is telling you why you should drink water often and you should listen. Hydration goes hand in hand with achieving healthier skin. Remember, what goes into your body is just as crucial as what goes on it. Drink water often, and no, soft drinks are not a substitute.

9. Over-exfoliating

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Over-exfoliating is the arch-enemy of supple skin. Resist the urge to reach for that facial scrub or exfoliating toner every night. Use only once or twice depending on your needs. If you have really sensitive, a bi-weekly routine also works.

10. Keeping a grudge 

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As if dealing with the hurt is not enough, do you know how much keeping a grudge can wreck your skin? Beautiful skin starts from the mind and then skincare does the rest. Train yourself to let go of negative thoughts, toxic energy, and grudges no matter the situation. Also, master the art of not internalizing everything someone says to you. Your skin will thank you for these unique acts of self-care.


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