10 Skills You Can Learn From Home [You Should See Number 7]

One of the best ways to utilize your spare time effectively is by learning a new skill.

Think about the successful people you know. You will notice a general inclination towards learning. Successful people commit to dedicate their spare time to learn something, and they stick to it.

Here are ten skills you can learn daily to improve your personal and professional life at a dramatic speed.

1. Learn a New Language

Learn a New Language

Learning a new foreign language has numerous benefits. It can come in handy when you travel and have to speak to locals. It can also help advance your career opportunities. A mobile app that is pretty good at this is Duolingo.

2. Learn How to Draw

Learn How to Draw

Drawing is a skill we all have. It may seem like some are destined to draw, but we all only need to practice. You can also take a drawing course that will have you drawing like a professional in no time. Use this to express the creative part of you.

3. Basic Car Repairs

Basic Car Repairs

I understand there are technicalities, but how about simple things like changing your oil, fixing fuel filters, changing alternators, and even flat tires? Learning this can save you time and money.

4. Learn to Play the Guitar or Piano

Learn to Play the Guitar or Piano-skills to learn from home

Learning to play musical instruments can help your cognitive functions in ways unknown to you. It is said that learning to play the chords on a guitar can positively rewire the brain and open new neural pathways. There are a lot of YouTube videos to help you start.

5. Photography


Do I need to state the role that capturing memories plays in the world? Photography is a skill you can learn even with your phone if it’s got a good camera feature. Express your creativity and uniquely tell your story.

6. Learn how to cook a signature dish

Learn how to cook a signature dish

Generally, any skill you learn sticks with you your entire life and cooking is no exception. You can be a pro in a signature dish you love. Call your family and friends over for dinner and wow them. You also get to save a lot of money from having to eat out every time.

7. Learn Basic Self-Defense

Learn Basic Self-Defense

There is this priceless feeling of knowing you can take care of yourself in awkward situations. Being able to physically fight and protect oneself in some bad situations is a skill worth having. You may think this is probably for just women and children, but self-defence is a skill for everyone.

8. Learn how to code

Learn how to code

Learning how to code is like learning a new language but with some problem solving and logic. There are many free courses online, and it’s a great way to pass the time. Don’t expect to instantly come out as a programming guru, but you might find a new hobby like developing new websites or games.

9. Learn Basic Dance MovesLearn Basic Dance Moves

You know that feeling when you are out in a club or party with mad jams playing, but your body just refuses to be in sync. Worse still, if you want to impress someone, an opportunity is missed. Avoid these embarrassing moments by having a few right moves in your back pocket. What dance is trending right now? Check YouTube and learn from music videos.

10. Improve your Memory Skill

Improve your Memory Skill - skills to learn from home

If you are someone that forgets things easily, this can be helpful. Use your free time to memorize things. By learning to remember the words we come across, we become better at instilling them within us.

These are just a few skills out of the numerous skills that can add value to your life.

Pick one and commit to it for the next month. Even if you spend only half an hour a day on it, you will have added something valuable to your life.

So which one are you starting with?







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